Special Camp for Thalassaemia

Instant Collection and Delivery

MEDICITY Speciality laboratory have a strong and dedicated marketing line up. The marketing stuffs and authorized franchises are always active to serve the best performance. As the result those patients who’s pathology examination done by MEDICITY Speciality laboratory they get the examination result in very short period in comparison with other referral laboratory.

Also MEDICITY Speciality Laboratory launches some ultra-modern testing equipments by which the test result will be so accurate and transparent for every physician who enjoy the services from MEDICITY directly or indirectly such as Diabetic screening, Thalassemia screening, TORCH screening and also the Allergy screening in 80 Indian Panel which is a revolutionary method in the diagnosis history.

MEDICITY also launches the Web report facility by which the examination report reaches in very rural area very quickly as the local laboratory pathology examination report because the marketing stuffs or franchisee can download the report in any place just a finger tips.

Recent Updates

It is NABL accredited

Accredited in BIO RAD EQAS.

New Instruments like :

Variant- II,Beckman Couiter Unicel -D-X800, Siemens Advia Centure CP, Nihon Kohden 3part cell counter, Ilytes Electrolytes analyser,Fluorescent Microscope,GLOBAL- 4500

D-10 Hemoglobin Testing System (Mid Volume Testing

Compact hemoglobin analyzer and accessories for diabetes testing and BETA-thalassemia testing on single platform.


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