Accreditation & Certification :

1.Certificate from christian Medical College for external Quality Assessment scheme.

2.ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate from International Quality assessors.

3.Accreditation from NABL process.

Today pathological investigation takes a major part in medical Science and patient treatment. Better diagnosis can make a person healthy. Quality report in pathology investigation is the real synchronization of the technical expertise, upgraded instruments teem work and dedication towards the service approach to mankind. The most advance techniques like EIA, CLIA, ECLIA, HPLC, Turbidometry, Nephelometry, PCR etc. have already been introduced to generate report to diagnose the diseases or disorder of highest standard under stringent International & National Quality Control Programme. Medicity Specility Laboratory is a referral laboratory who serves the better diagnosis facility in Jharkand, Bihar, Orrisa, Northeast as well as in Bangladesh, from Kolkata. Better Diagnosis has been stand in three steps, those are

Good Quality Samples.

Modernized Equipments & Techniques.

Man behind machine

The better quality of samples helps the technician to perform the examination easily because lipemic / haemolysed samples cannot give the accurate result and so the technician may have confusion to determine the actual result with that kind of sample. Modernized equipments can help the technician to get accurate quality result quickly to serve the better diagnosis. Man behind the machine takes a major part to give the quality result. Physician takes the necessary decision of treatment for a critical condition of patient upon this result. If the technician does not have a sound knowledge to operate the equipment for diagnosis then it may lead to a totally wrong diagnosis. So, it is very necessary for every diagnostic organization to develop the organization name stable and secure position through right blend of better quality samples ultramodern equipments, well trained technician supervision of Medical Professionals.