Modern equipments

  • Fully automated biochemistry analyser A-15 from Biosystem, Spian.
  • Enzyme linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA)
  • Reader from BIO–RAD, USA
  • CEVERON Alpha c :- a fully automated, self-controlled coagulation analyser from Germany, the only installation in Kolkata, which can give graphical picture of patient P.T., APTT etc.
  • MAGLUMI 1000 Snibe :- A fully automated &time tested CLIA from UK, whose throughput is 180 tests/hour with the inbuilt quality control program. It is a second installation in West Bengal.
  • Fluorescent Microscope :- from QBC a German make , it is the best and confident microscopy in Tuberculosis diagnosis, with microscopic picture capturing facilities for reporting presentation.
  • VARIANT (Classic) :- An unforgettable name in the estimation of Haeglobin, Variants, Especially in screening of Betathallasaemia is a well accepted gold standard in diagnostic field.
  • D-10, Bio-rad :- Unparallel & internationally accepted instrument in the field of Glycosylated Haemoglobin estimation with graphical presentation, USA make .
  • GLOBAL -4500 :- An Italian make, fully automated chemistry analyser is a first installation in India, It can process 450 samples/hour with inbuilt quality control programme. Etc.